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Opinion: Thank goodness Jim Clark is watching out for us

Thanks to Jim Clark for his warning to those of us heading to Kings Beach for a bit of fun in his opinion article in the Dec. 29 Bonanza, “California’s latest batch of crazy laws.”

Thankfully, he warned me not to bring my gun when I go for a burger in California. Of course, normally, I bring my semi-automatic rifle to Kings Beach. Never know when I might need to rob the bank for some extra cash or bust into the Grid and shoot the place up. I can’t believe they have a batch of crazy laws against this!

I also thought it would be OK to proposition some young California school girls since Jim seems to think this should be legal. Again what kind of stupid state would have a law against sexually harassing teenagers!

But as Jim says, I guess I’ll just let my lawyer know in advance in case I can’t shoot my way though the cops who might try to mess up my fun as I flee back to Crystal Bay.

How silly that California would consider prostitutes under the age of 18 as “victims.” I guess Jim is right to consider those who “dabble” with teenage prostitutes as just seeking to “do business.” Make those who “dabble” face arrest? Really these are fine citizens I’m sure!

The Democratic legislators MUST be a bunch of dictators if Jim says so. Even if they were elected by a majority of voters. I think Nevada even elected a dictatorial Democratic U.S. senator to succeed Harry Reid. I’m feel Jim’s pain about this even as he celebrates Trump’s great minority win. Ouch.

Rick Needham

Tahoe Vista