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Opinion: The Highway 28 debacle in Kings Beach

Two years ago, my wife and I dropped by Placer County Public Works and discussed its Kings Beach plans with the lead engineer … I believe Dan LaPlante.

We expressed several concerns — e.g. the wisdom of halving the number of vehicle lanes, reducing street side parking and insufficient pedestrian crosswalks. We suggested the project’s final result would mirror the gridlock in Tahoe City.

The crux of his response was traffic would actually flow very well because of new roundabouts and bike lanes. Coupled with new sidewalks and lighting, he predicted the project would also create a better Kings Beach by bringing new commercial development … “If we build this, development will come.”

Placer County’s Kings Beach plan receives a failing grade. The miles long traffic jams past Agate Bay did not occur previously. Access to local merchants has deteriorated. The street plantings make seeing children more difficult.

Placer County Public Works may be happy with the project; however, taxpayers footing the bill and drivers locked in traffic may opine differently.

Robert Crisit

Tahoe Vista