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Opinion: There is no specific formula for being spiritual

Kudos to editor Kevin MacMillan for sharing his confession and journey toward self-actualization, regarding his column two week ago, “It’s a cowardly act to mar North Tahoe’s places of worship.”

My experiences were/are similar. I grew up Catholic and went to a Catholic high school. Though I am no longer Catholic nor do I adhere to any formal religion, I often attend my high school reunions because I have fond memories of those years in the 1950s.

Many of my classmates, whom I love, are still practicing Catholics. I’m also grateful to the nuns who instilled in us students the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness and consideration of others.

Why does it matter if a person follows a religion or not? There is no specific formula for being spiritual. We all experience, grow and learn what we need to, and for some of us, dogma clouds questioning and free thinking.

Even Pope Francis has said in so many words that it’s not even necessary to believe in God in order to be a good person, and some of the worst deeds were done in God’s name. It’s so true.

To me, it’s not what a person believes, or the rituals one follows. It’s one’s actions that count. Some of my devout Catholic relatives go to mass regularly, yet want to go to war, and consider poor people despicable. This is so contrary to Jesus’ teachings.

If everyone in the world was more open-minded, perhaps our differences could be stimulating, learning experience that promote more love and acceptance, instead of divisiveness and hate.

Frieda Klein

Tahoe City