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Opinion: Time to take a stand against IVGID

I want to second Judith Miller’s ideas as expressed in a recent column, “IVGID’s financials are simply not sustainable.”

It’s time for IVCB property owners to stand up to the IVGID Board and General Manager and demand that they stop subsidizing venues that are losing money and are not widely used by residents.

This can start with insisting that IVGID stop all plans for any updates to the Diamond Peak Master Plan until a full accounting of recent and projected expenses and revenues for golf courses, the tennis center, the recreation center, the ski resort and beaches are presented.

Property owners have a right to know what venues are losing money, how much money, and a right to decide whether to allow them to continue such losses indefinitely.

Please try to show up at IVGID meetings at let the Board know that continued fiscal irresponsibility will not be tolerated and that board members will not receive your votes in future elections unless they start acting responsibly.

Richard Steinberger

Incline Village