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Opinion: Tom McClintock doesn’t represent my values

We attended Congressman Tom McClintock’s town hall in El Dorado Hills this past Saturday. While I absorbed quite a few impressions, I would like to share some that I thought were most salient.

These are my honest interpretations and paraphrasing of what I heard, but not an attempt to quote. If I mis-represent his intent, I welcome his written corrections.

Will he represent me in Washington? If I am part of the “majority” that agrees with his positions, yes. If I am more middle of the road than he, no. Get over it.

He does listen, but he has heard all the facts and rhetoric and doesn’t need another opinion. Or science.

What is his position on marriage equality? The federal government should protect “Traditional Marriage” — which is a union between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation and the development of THE traditional American family. And then, you know, there is this other thing called Gay Marriage. (That last part might be a quote).

Does he support equal rights under the law? Only if action conforms to one’s religious beliefs. The state must protect an individual’s religious right to deny services or equal treatment to the others. And corporations are individuals.

Will his district office assist veterans with concerns about medical care and earned benefits? No. This was a particular and personal surprise to me. Given three specific opportunities to offer staff services, Tom declined. In part of my experience with the VA I labored four years and nine months to receive a reply to a standard application. When I sent a simple copy of my application to Senator Feinstein’s office, the VA provided a favorable resolution in eight days.

A young woman related that she was brought to America as a child by her legally immigrating refugee parents. Arcane legal technicalities were obstructing her pathway to documented residency and citizenship. Could the good representative help? Sure. Go back to El Salvador and wait your turn. Mic drop.

A conforming immigrant expressed concerns about selective discrimination against foreign characteristics and attributes. Tom mansplained that some might be welcome if they adhered to THE American Culture.

I missed that civics class. Could someone provide me with the CliffNotes so I might pass the test? Oh, and global warming is part of the normal cycle of heaven and earth.

My conclusion is that I am proud that Tom McClintock does not represent my values in Congress.

Jim Ritchie is a Truckee resident. His zip code is 96161-2922 (that’s important to Tom).

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