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Opinion: Town of Truckee’s plow drivers need to slow down

First, let me state that I have deep respect for all Truckee plow drivers. They work long hours at a difficult job, and none of us could survive here without them.

However, I have experienced too many incidents over the years of overly aggressive plow drivers who endanger other drivers on the road. This is especially a problem on Glenshire Drive. The road is narrow with mostly no shoulder, and once snow accumulates, there isn’t anywhere to go.

I had such an encounter the morning of Dec. 23 on Glenshire, almost getting run off the road by a plow driver going too fast, with his blade too close to oncoming traffic.

A number of years ago, I actually did get run off the road in a similar situation. In order to avoid getting clipped by the plow blade, I had to move too far to the right, and ended up taking my tire off the pavement and getting spun into a berm.

Our plow drivers have a critical job to do, but they do not have the right to put others at risk. I would respectfully request the town to counsel its drivers to slow down, respect other vehicles on the road, and recognize that in treacherous winter conditions, the rest of us have very little room to maneuver when a plow comes barreling down at us.

Loré McLaren