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Opinion: Transparency exists in Truckee

In our small town, from time to time, there are inevitable situations where our Truckee Town Council Members, who live and work in our community, who own businesses and participate in community groups, could potentially have a conflict of interest in the course of their decision making.

It comes up over and over, with the most recent example being FiftyFifty Brewing and co-owner Alicia Barr, who is also the current mayor.

The common knee-jerk reaction is to assume favoritism or special treatment, but if you pay attention, town staff and council members go above and beyond to keep everything above board, and the council member in question always recuses him or herself from any discussion or decision making.

Furthermore, rather than vilifying our council members for participating and contributing to our community, both economically and socially beyond the bounds of town council, we should appreciate the experience and perspective they bring from those endeavors. It’s often why we elected them in the first place.

We can’t expect our council members to be cloistered in a bubble, only let out once a month to sit at the dais. And if they did, our town wouldn’t be better off for it.

Lee Ann Gray