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Opinion: Truckee Thursdays a major burden on downtown residents

There is no denying that Truckee Thursdays has grown and blossomed beyond all expectations.

Participants come from near and far to wander, shop, ogle, eat, drink and show off dogs. And as with all things, every solution creates new problems.

We who reside in the Downtown corridor are hugely affected each Thursday. The foremost and most obvious issue is cars, hundreds of cars trying to park here there and everywhere, clogging up the streets in the downtown area, making driving a virtual impossibility.

The issue coming to fore this season is that of people walking across the tracks. The numbers doing so has alarmed law enforcement and the railroad. Now the railroad is planning to put up a fence from the McIver roundabout to Bridge Street that will essentially bisect the town.

And, again, those of us who reside there will pay the price on a day in and day out basis, all because of one weekly event.

Thirdly, the post office recently removed its mail drop box that was on Bridge Street, purportedly because people were putting garbage in it. Recently that box reappeared, so that specific issue is no longer.

A vital downtown is definitely a goal for Truckee. It is well on its way to achieving that. What has been lost in this vision is the population who call downtown their home. We have to live with increased noise, people parking in front of our homes, clogged and sometimes impassable streets, more and more delivery trucks and higher law enforcement needs.

The town of Truckee and the Truckee Downtown Merchants Association really need to seriously address the consequences arising from high attendance events jammed into a small area and encroaching increasingly upon the rights of residents.

While mixed use neighborhoods are a goal in the community, increased commerce seems to trump quality of life. I suggest that the Town Council/Merchants Association take this as a serious issue and begin by holding a series of Town Hall/Community meetings to fully understand the situation and brainstorm solutions.

Rolf Godon