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Opinion: Truckee Thursdays no longer family friendly

From the inception of Truckee Thursdays in 2008, our family has enjoyed the weekly summer tradition with other local and visiting friends and family.

Unfortunately this tradition has come to an end due to the newly imposed police state and strict rules.

Although we love seeing our local artists display their beautiful work, as local full-time residents, we do not go to Truckee Thursdays every week to shop.

We do (or did) go to be together as a family to socialize with friends, support local food and beverage providers, and listen to great live music, while the kids danced at the front of the stage.

“Is the concern that our five-year-old is going to become corrupted because she is in the beer garden?”

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible based on the new policy on how patrons must be 21 or over to be at the front of the stage, which happens to be in the beer garden.

At the June 18 Truckee Thursdays, our family sat outside the beer garden, away from the stage, with the smokers and dogs, feeling like second-class citizens of Truckee because we were a family and not just a group of friends enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

Then we had to explain to our five-year-old why she was not allowed to dance in front of the stage like she has done every summer Thursday evening as long as she can remember.

This seems to be a case of how policies are sometimes created without justification or logic. I would love to see data that support not allowing families to enter the beer garden.

Is the concern that our five-year-old is going to become corrupted because she is in the beer garden, having a great time dancing with her friends, while we socialize with other responsible families and watch our children smile, giggle and dance their hearts out?

Hello ­— we live in a ski town (and have traveled to others) and yes, we can be responsible and have fun at the same time. From my observations of the live music area/beer garden on June 18, there appeared to be a lot more drinking going on akin to an outdoor bar scene, rather than a community-focused, family-friendly summer tradition.

From the conversations I have had around town, it sounds as though this new policy is here to stay, which means that for our family and others like us, when Thursdays roll around, you will not find us downtown; we will find another venue to socialize, have fun, and yes, enjoy an adult beverage responsibly.

At least Music in the Park on Wednesdays still allows the kids to dance by the stage and the adults to enjoy a glass of wine. I am sure the Truckee Thursday party will continue — just not with our family and friends.

Aaron Sturm is a Truckee resident.

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