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Opinion: Truckee trashing green bags an absurd idea


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Truckee is considering replacing green bag pine needle collection with 96-gallon cans. Like many residents, I have no place to store such a can, and if left outside, the cans will be poached by those who have too much waste for their own cans or who wish to avoid the fee and storage, and some will be stolen.

One can every two weeks will reduce the amount of needles that can be collected compared to the current program. Residents will still have to use plastic bags to collect, transport and store their needles.

Second-home owners’ cans will be left sitting by the street for weeks. The alternative of the dump will result in car trips with the associated environmental consequences. Reduce-fee Dumpsters won’t work for pine needles, which are collected throughout the season.

In short, the 96-gallon can program, while practical for more urban environments, will result in greatly reduced pine needle collection in Truckee and greatly increased fire danger, at a time when we can anticipate increasingly long and intense fire seasons.

I urge the Town Council to vote down this absurd proposal.

Jack Kashtan