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Opinion: Voice your concerns against Martis Valley West

Editor’s Note

In response to criticism, the Lake Tahoe Basin component of the Martis Valley West proposal was pulled by developer Mountainside Partners in late January, with all 760 units and associated and commercial development to be clustered in Martis Valley.

The developer still is mulling a ridgeline development as its own project, however; as of this week, no formal proposal has been submitted.

Is there anyone out there? Are you listening? You should.

For all of you in the Tahoe Basin, take a moment and step outside on a glorious Tahoe night and look north to the mountain’s silhouette and let your eyes rest on the vague ridge outline and the starry sky above.

It is nature in its purest form, breathlessly cradling the lake basin and your soul. It exists now, as it always has, unscathed and pristine.

Now, for a moment, close your eyes and envision the ridge ablaze with lights and possibly even campfires.

Blink again and picture the morning sun maybe revealing houses, 100-foot-high condos and even cars scurrying back and forth. The ridge could become a developer’s dream, and for someone like you, an outrage.

The Martis Valley West gated ridgeline development is now seeking approval. Waiting for it to happen before taking a stand will be too late.

Now is the appropriate time for you to voice your concern. There may be traffic congestion, wildfires and water source depletion.

Disruption of historic wildlife habitat and loss of forestland is a given. The logging could be reminiscent of the early part of the last century.

There are four entities that have the power to save the Tahoe ridgeline: Placer County, TRPA, second thoughts by the developer and — you. Start with “YOU” by tapping into savetahoeforests.com and voice your concern.

Steve Pearsall

Crystal Bay

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