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Opinion: Vote for Bob Derlet, not Tom McClintock

Dr. Bob Derlet, alarmed by our country’s deteriorating environment, economic inequality, expensive health care, and dysfunctional congress, is running against incumbent Tom McClintock for Congress in District 4. As Independent voters, we support Dr. Derlet for the following reasons:

Health Care: As a physician, Dr. Derlet sees first hand the enormous profits that insurance and pharmaceutical companies realize, driving our medical costs to exorbitant levels. He offers practical solutions, including adjustments to Obamacare, that would greatly lower medical costs and widen participation. Congressman McClintock has no experience with health care.

Climate Change: By consuming fossil fuels, humans have unknowingly caused accelerating global warming and associated life-threatening climate disruption. This poses a severe threat to our Sierra homes and livelihood as warming temperatures and drought continue to devastate our recreation-based economy. Dr. Derlet believes that Congress should pass legislation that puts an increasing price on carbon fuels, combined with an all-out effort to switch to alternate, non-fossil-fuel energy sources. Congressman McClintock considers human-caused global warming a hoax.

Role of Federal Government: Government’s job is to work for the safety, security, and general wellbeing of ALL of our citizens, not just the top 1%. America has widespread economic inequality, gun violence, racism, and corporations having the same rights as people. All Americans deserve good public schools, safe bridges, livable wages, and well-funded Social Security. Dr. Derlet will work to enhance these benefits. Congressman McClintock voted to shut down our government resulting in a huge cost to taxpayers.

Next President: Congressman McClintock strongly supports Mr. Trump. From McClintock’s website, “…people no longer want a president who is going to hold their hands and feel their pain. No, they want someone who will go to Washington, kick butts and take names.”

Enough said.

John and Sue Sorensen


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