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Opinion: Vote ‘no’ on Placer County’s Measure M

Measure M is a regressive 30-year tax increase for a short-term “Band-Aid” approach that ignores underlying transportation issues in Placer County.

As a 0.5 percent sales tax, it is regressive, placing greater burdens on lower-income households, while large, profitable subdivisions continue to be approved without adequate road-funding requirements.

The bulk of Measure M funds will not be spent on expanded, improved public transit, or on connectivity to additional safe bike lanes and sidewalks. Such viable, long-term solutions are tossed only a small bone.

Last year, the Sierra Club submitted comments to the PCTPA, citing needs to reduce GHG and provided doable options for a change of direction. Instead of enhanced, workable public transit, the PCTPA chose a “business as usual,” auto-centric” plan which will tax citizens for more roads, which in turn will bring more development, traffic, gridlock, ad infinitum.

The Sierra Club urges a NO vote on Measure M.

Marilyn Jasper, Conservation Chair

Sierra Club Placer Group