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Opinion: Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure A for Nevada County’s libraries

This November’s ballot contains a measure that will preserve, protect and improve Nevada County Libraries, including our local Truckee branch.

Public libraries are one of the few places that benefit children, families, seniors and the disabled. The Truckee Library provides access to free internet, early learning programs, summer reading programs, and young adult, teen and adult programs.

Currently, sales tax contributes 65 percent of the Library’s annual budget. Without sales tax funding, library services will be cut by more than half. Measure A will directly benefit the Truckee Library by increasing the hours open to the general public and improving information, access to technology and the materials collection. It will double the Youth Services Librarian’s time from 20 to 40 hours a week, and increase funding for children and teen programs.

This Measure will collect 50 cents in sales tax for every $200 spent on taxable items in Nevada County. The current tax payback to the county libraries is 25 cents for every $200 spent. All Measure A funds will remain under local control and will be used exclusively to support the operation of Nevada County’s libraries.

In today’s technology-driven world, access to high speed internet has become a basic need. Libraries serve an important role in communities like Truckee that are home to people of various income and skill levels. The services provided by public libraries, such as free access to books and knowledge, internet and computer access and educational resources, offer a chance at upward mobility and personal growth.

Vote “Yes” on Measure A and invest in Truckee’s future by improving and preserving Nevada County’s library system.

Louise Zabriskie