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Opinion: Vote ‘yes’ on Nevada County’s Measure A

Please join me in continuing the sales tax support that Truckee voters have overwhelmingly endorsed for almost 20 years. A yes vote will ensure that vital library services continue and keep pace with our growing community.

The Truckee Library elevates our community’s quality of life by:

Providing our youngest children with books and programming that instill a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Serving a vital social service that bridges the socio-economic gap. Our library provides literacy opportunities, computer and Internet access, job search, and medical information and is a place where people of all ages can practice lifelong learning.

Providing access to the world’s knowledge. Our library and library staff offer access to high quality information that raises the education level of our community.

Providing information and resources that help Truckee residents start small businesses. This helps grow our local economy.

Adding tangible value to our community. Studies show that the presence of libraries is good for towns and cities; people find more value in areas with libraries. Polls show that libraries are often the highest rated public service.

Being economically efficient. The library model of sharing allows our library to serve many people with an economy of resources.

Providing a gathering place for our community, enhancing civic pride, and continuing the American tradition of community libraries as cornerstones of our democracy.

Ruth Jackson Hall