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Opinion: We must oppose California mandatory vaccination bill

Californians for Medical Freedom
Special to the Sun

We are a group of 100-plus Truckee-Tahoe community members, parents, business owners, health practitioners and friends coming together to let you know that our Civil and First Amendment rights are being threatened in the California Senate with Senate Bill 277.

We come to you as a group who are not anti-vaccination — we are anti-medical mandates that deny us our civil liberties.

If California SB 277 is passed, all children under 18 years of age would be required to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine (currently 69 doses of 16 different vaccines) in order to reside in California and to attend any public, private or home school.

This means that every child, even those with autoimmune issues or religious/philosophical exemptions, would have to have all mandatory vaccines in order to go to school, including home school, and would be required to receive any mandated vaccine in the future, which could include the 300-plus vaccines awaiting approval.

“If we give the government control over what we believe is right for us and for our children, what does that say about the future?”

The effects of SB 277 will be incredibly severe:

• Removes the parents’ right to informed consent, giving government control of what they put into your child’s body.

• Removes your decision on a vaccination schedule. Your child will have to have every vaccination mandated, including all new vaccines the government mandates in the future.

• Will force any child attending school with a visa to get all mandated vaccines, even if the visiting child already has received vaccination, if they cannot procure proper documentation.

• Will force you to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for these vaccines, even if you don’t want your child to have them.

• Removes all educational opportunities for children who have personal, medical or religious beliefs against forced vaccination. Your child will not even be allowed to be home-schooled if you do not comply.

Keep in mind that in AB 2109, Senator Pan required consultation with a doctor before receiving a personal exemption. This law has been in effect for only one year, and in this time there has been a 20 percent reduction in parents seeking a personal exemption (opt out rate dropped from 3.15 percent to 2.5 percent). Shouldn’t this new law be enough in these fiscally challenging times?

Of the only 2.5p ercent of Californian children who are opting out of many vaccines, many are doing so due to severe medical reasons. However, if SB 277 is passed, medical exemptions will be extremely difficult to obtain and issued only after an “approved” catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred.

According to the CDC and FDC reporting site VAERS, there are 30,000 vaccine-related injuries a year, with over $3 billion dollars being paid to these families through the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

In 2011, the Supreme Court has ruled vaccinations as “unavoidably unsafe.” Since vaccines do injure and cause death as reported by VAERS and the CDC, no parents should be forced to vaccinate their children. If there is a risk, there should be a choice.

Again, most people are choosing to vaccinate and/or partially vaccinate. But that is not the real issue at stake here: The issue is the government taking away our choice of what we put into our bodies.

If we give the government control over what we believe is right for us and our children, what does that say about the future?

You don’t have to be anti-vaccination to be anti-medical mandate. If there is a risk, there must be a choice. Please support our rights as Americans and our rights as parents to decide on the best medical care for our children.

We strongly urge everyone to call our state lawmakers and tell them to oppose SB 277. Join our local Tahoe group on Facebook: Californians for Medical Freedom-Tahoe, and learn more at medicalfreedomtahoe.wordpress.com or yourfamilyyourchoice.org.

This opinion was submitted to the Sun by a representative of “Californians for Medical Freedom-Tahoe. Visit on.fb.me/1CpXeXD to learn more.

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