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Opinion: We must urge IVGID board to fix our beach problems

Incline Village was developed as a planned community in the 1960s with the beaches designated and designed to accommodate the residents owning parcels within the community.

Although several condo developments were included in the master plan, it is doubtful the planners had visions of just how many condos would eventually be built, and certainly not the approximately 200 timeshares that we now have.

The community eventually built out to approximately 7,600 housing units, according to the census of 2000. Since, attendance on our beaches has risen from 110,693 in 2000 to 177,504 in 2014, a staggering 62 percent increase.

Yet the number of housing units has remained fairly constant. According to numbers provided to me by IVGID management, the number of attendees as guests and friends of guests is over 50%.

The “white forms” (now a system of tickets) used by rental agencies for renter access is approximately 14%. This suggests there are huge abuses in the way our restricted beaches are being accessed.

For nearly three years I have been gathering information on the beach usage and have had meetings with management and one member of the Board of Trustees.

I have been given information on beach usage as well as sewer usage. I’m not sure where the correlation is between the number of times toilets are flushed and beach usage, other than indicating the influx of people in town?

I have been told that nothing will be done this year (again!) to limit access to the beaches. I feel I have been stonewalled.

I have put together the following comprehensive, and I think reasonable, plan to ease the overcrowding of the beaches, the parking problems and to be fair to every parcel holder:

Resident Passes: All parcels treated equally with 5 picture passes (or combination with punch cards) per parcel. Owners of each parcel may designate who receives these picture passes, as in the case of multiple owners of property, unmarried couples, etc. However, picture passes and punch cards may not be sold under any circumstances.

Punch Cards: A maximum of 4 additional punch cards, per parcel may be purchased per year by the property owner. The price of these punch cards will be determined by IVGID. This gives each parcel approximately 55 additional adult visits, or 80 children visits or combination of both adults and children based at the current price of $166 per punch card. If a parcel is being used as a rental, the 4 additional punch cards may be turned to IVGID in exchange for tickets equivalent to the price of the punch card. Once these tickets are used, no further punch cards would be available until the following year.

Guests: May enter the beach only with punch cards. No guest may just pay at the gate.

White Forms (now tickets): Eliminated …remember, all parcels treated equally.

Special Events: Any resident (picture pass holder) having a special event (wedding, family reunion, etc.) may have a special pass issued on a once a year basis. A fee will be charged for each guest as determined by IVGID.

Parking: Limited to picture pass holders until 1 p.m. and perhaps all day during busy periods. This will give picture pass holders first rights for parking within the gates.

Boats: May be brought in by others (i.e. boat storage facility) but must be accompanied by a picture pass holder. Punch cards must be used for guests. Residents’ boats may not be used as rentals.

Vendors: There will be no vendors allowed to sell or rent products or services on the beaches except those having a written contract issued by IVGID.

If the above plan would be implemented, many of the issues we face now would be eliminated by virtue of the fact that there would be far less people on the beaches.

We need to address what is happening. Reno is growing by leaps and bounds, with many there having “friends” here in town. The rental agencies are advertising our beaches as part of their rental packages. It appears the Board of Trustees is not interested, nor willing, to make changes.

So the word is out. Anyone can get on Incline Village beaches. Unless the residents of Incline Village take an active role in resolving this issue and addressing each board member, nothing will change and the beaches will no longer belong to the residents of Incline Village.

There is a need to strike a balance between making money and preserving the rights of the property owners.

Jane Bekowich is an Incline Village resident.

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