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Opinion: What you don’t know about Measure W

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Visit bit.ly/1UHpz5t to read the full measure as it will appear for Nevada County voters on the June 7 primary election ballot.

To all of you who oppose cannabis, I ask, what is it that you are so afraid of? Let’s turn from the rhetoric and take time to make an educated choice. Good sources of info include The Union, Yubanet “M” files and Procon.org

Along with concerns about public safety and degradation of the environment related to high yield operations, there are very positive aspects of medical cannabis and preservation of individual liberties to consider.

Americans are currently treating inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, and epilepsy with high CBD cannabis, as an alternative to costly and in some cases addictive pharmaceuticals. Yet under Measure W, an individual cannot grow one plant in their outdoor garden. Do we really need such drastic measures?

Nevada County will continue to grapple with this issue, and we need an ordinance that allows for flexibility around this evolving issue. Measure W shuts the door on future input, and will be very costly for taxpayers to amend.

Measure W allows Supervisors to amend the ordinance without a vote of the people.

The Voter Information Pamphlet, page 18, states,”Measure W also contains a new provision (“Section 3) which would allow the Board of Supervisors to adopt any additional ordinances, resolutions or other regulations necessary to reasonably interpret and clarifying the ordinance, without a vote of the people, so long as the Boards interpretation or clarification is consistent with the language and original intent of the voter-approved ordinance.”

What does this actually mean?

The ban is currently in place. Lets give ourselves a period of time to learn, consider and craft legislation that will protect our environment and our safety, while preserving our individual freedom and access to life-changing medicine we can grow in our own gardens.

Jenny Hale

Grass Valley

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