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Opinion: Where’s the Internet in Olympic Valley?

Shouldn’t Olympic Valley have the right to join the digital world? In November I learned that AT&T had abandoned our area except for customers who have had continuous, uninterrupted DSL service.

Although I have had service with them for over seven years, as long as they have had a presence in Olympic Valley, I could not reconnect service with them.

Unfortunately, during the summer months, I had suspended service when I was not there. When I had inquired in October 2014 for rates for the upcoming season, they never mentioned that they were discontinuing service.

Various AT&T representatives gave me different, conflicting reasons why. One claimed that another carrier had been awarded an exclusive telecommunications franchise, another said our elevation was too high, and another claimed we were too far from a signal.

Yet a business close by was adding another service line the very day I made my request.

I can only surmise that residential DSL is being phased out as it is not profitable enough for them.

I called a local vacation property manager to get their take on the situation, and they exclaimed, “Yes, Squaw Valley has regressed to a third world country.”

With so many second homes, vacation properties and high income demographics, it is hard to believe that the residents are not entitled to an internet connection.

Andrea Wilder

Alameda; second-home owner in Olympic Valley