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Opinion: Will Neil Gorsuch be next Supreme Court justice?

On 2/1/17, Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated to fill the empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court; the nomination is pending before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once passing the Senate Committee, it will be voted upon in the U.S. Senate.

In 2016, Justice Antonin Scalia died and left the empty seat on the Supreme Court. President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the position, although he was never confirmed by the Senate. Oddly, the LA Times reported Gorsuch stole Garland’s seat, but without confirmation, it was never his seat.

President Trump had promised voters (prior to the election) in September 2016 that he would nominate someone that would follow the U.S. Constitution and follow in Justice Anton Scalia’s footsteps.

Trump even gave voters a list of 21 of these types of candidates, and Gorsuch was on that list.

Interestingly, Gorsuch had even been fly fishing with Scalia. According to Wikipedia, Gorsuch has stellar qualifications: He graduated from Harvard Law School in ’91 and was a Judicial Clerk for Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. He has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Law/Legal Philosophy from University College, Oxford in 2004 for research on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.

In 2006, Gorsuch was nominated to the 10th Circuit Appeals Court by President George W. Bush and was confirmed by unanimous vote by the U.S. Senate. By the way, many of those U.S. Senators who voted for him in 2006 are still U.S. Senators today. Gorsuch has also been a visiting Professor at the University of Colorado Law School.

Many are in favor of Gorsuch’s nomination. On a clip of the Tucker Carlson Show, Sen. Ted Cruz stated, “Gorsuch is a home run.” On Sean Hannity, Jay Sekulow stated, “(He is a) great selection … sterling reputation (Gorsuch),” and Judge Jeanine Pirro stated regarding Gorsuch, “impressed … decisions based on the law and writes in the style of Justice Scalia.”

Opposed to Gorsuch is Hillary Clinton, as she doubts that he will be an advocate for the LGBTQ (according to her online blog), and the ACLU is concerned that he might be Pro Life (per ACLU.com). Although regardless of Gorsuch’s views, he has consistently followed the law, and Gorsuch doesn’t believe the judicial branch of government should be writing law.

Voters believe, according to Rasmussen Reports, that Gorsuch is in the judicial mainstream. Rasmussen also reports that 89% of voters favor the continued use of the Constitution as the fundamental law of the US (which Judge Gorsuch supports). According to TheHill.com, if Democrats were to block Gorsuch, Republicans would face the choice to change Senate rules using the Nuclear Option and attempt to confirm Gorsuch with a simple majority. Regardless, the process most likely will be grueling and difficult.

Yolanda Knaak is an Incline resident and a member of Incline Village/Crystal Bay Republican Women. Email her at yolanda7777@rocketmail.com.

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