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Opinion: With Martis Valley West, do Placer supes care about Tahoe residents?

Following is an open letter to the Placer County Board of Supervisors:

“We the People” is the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. With the exception of Jennifer Montgomery, it seems that you have forgotten that our government is set up to have elected officials follow the will of the people.

I’m specifically referring to the Martis Valley West project, in which 760 McMansions will be built on pristine forest land to create another residential area for rich people from the Bay Area to enjoy 4 or 5 times a year.

You obviously haven’t been listening to the overwhelming voices of the people who live in this area that don’t want it. Perhaps you’ve been away, or perhaps you just have your heads buried in the sand, but you seem to ignoring the will of the people.

I moved from San Jose to Truckee in August 2015. There were many factors that made the choice of Truckee easy for me.

On the positive side, there are the people of Truckee; open and warm and genuinely friendly. There is the town itself; small enough with some charm, yet big enough to enjoy a social life. Of course, there’s the mountains, clean air, four seasons and a host of other positive reasons to move here.

One of the main reasons of moving out of San Jose was overcrowding. They just kept on taking out orchards and putting in high-density housing (town houses and condos) without any plan for infrastructure. No new reservoirs, hospitals, schools, roads, etc. Just cramming more people in.

Now, the North Lake Tahoe community is facing the same problem. You seem to think it’s okay to build 760 houses in the million-dollar-plus range to satisfy a small niche of über rich people.

During the many hearings for this development, hundreds of people spoke out against. We don’t need or want this development. There are plenty of vacant lots for people to build their secondary house here in the area. There are plenty of existing houses for sale, with a wide range of amenities and prices here in the area.

The Planning Commission voted overwhelming against this proposal, yet you voted for it. I have put together some reasons why you may have voted in favor:

1) As previously mentioned, you are unaware of what the people in this area feel about this development. I think it is a fair estimation to say that 90+% of the people are against it. Perhaps you should pull your head out of the sand and listen.

2) You don’t care about us. Truckee and the surrounding area doesn’t represent that much of the county’s population, and thus our concerns don’t matter to you.

3) There was a backroom deal made. Not one where you actually receive a kickback of some sort, but perhaps you have a relative who is a contractor, a Realtor, or in some other line of business that will make a boatload of money from this development.

None of these suggestions paint you in a positive light, but then again, your decision to support this development indicates that one or all of them apply.

Shame on you Supervisor Jack Duran. Shame on you Supervisor Jim Holmes. Shame on you Supervisor Kirk Uhler. Shame on you Supervisor Robert Weygandt.

Congratulations to you, Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, and many thanks for listening to the people of this area

Michael Bede is a Truckee resident.

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