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Opinion: With senior services, think of other demographics

Regarding money available for Incline senior projects as mentioned by Ms. Anderson in the Nov. 3 Bonanza story, “You’ve been underserved,” I fully support using existing resources such as the county buildings mentioned as a far more pragmatic solution than new construction.

More importantly, I encourage a broader demographic view of this opportunity.

Many successful Senior Centers incorporate younger groups. I for one thoroughly enjoy seeing and interacting with toddlers and children. Mixed centers offering services to Seniors and DayCare to working parents have been successful in other parts of the country. This can utilize public/private partnerships, with facilities provided by the county and licensed DayCare by private entities.

We might think of additional ways to include other age groups that add a vibrancy to the facility. With such a strong Senior community as we have in Incline, why not apply such best practices to our full benefit?

James Chandler

Incline Village