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Osprey on board

Tom O'Rourke/Sun Courtesy PhotoAn exhausted osprey hitches a 45-minute ride on Johnny Bell's paddle board, after the bird appeared to be drowning in Lake Tahoe.

On Tuesday, Aug. 28 at 10:30 a.m., Tom O’Rourke and his wife, Marie, came upon Johnny Bell on his paddle board with an osprey sitting on the board. Johnny told the O’Rourkes he came upon the bird out on the lake, and the bird appeared to be drowning and unable to fly (which can happen when an osprey attempts a catch too heavy for its abilities).

The bird was put on his board and John started paddling to Sand Harbor for help. When the O’Rourkes came upon the interesting pair, they called for help and headed toward Sand Harbor for help. When Johnny arrived and tried to come on shore, the osprey flew off after having rested on the board for about 45 minutes.