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Our View: Don’t forget to vote

You’ll see a lot of editorials in the next few days about how important it is to get out and vote Tuesday.

We in the media like to harp on this because it is true: your vote does count, and if you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain about the direction local and national governments are taking.

Nationally, we’re looking at one of the closest presidential elections in decades. If you’re a supporter of Al Gore or George W. Bush, you’ve read the polls that say this election could go either way.

If you support Nader or Buchanan or any of the other minor parties, your candidate probably won’t win, but you can make a dent in the two-party monopoly if you feel the Republicans and Democrats aren’t answering your concerns.

But this isn’t just an election for the presidency, or for California’s representatives to the U.S. Congress, or on the many propositions on the state ballot.

“All politics is local,” as the late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill once said.

This is an election that will help determine the future and character of Truckee in the years to come.

There has been a lot of concern about where Truckee is going – are we turning into another Aspen or Vail, and sacrificing our small-town character? Developments are popping up everywhere you turn, and there are more on the way. This election is your chance to tell the elected officials how you feel about this trend.

Do you think Truckee’s growing too fast, in the wrong ways? Or do you think change is inevitable, and that Truckee needs to take advantage of the nation’s unparalleled economic growth?

We have two Town Council incumbents running for re-election, and two challengers with their own views of local policy.

At the Tahoe Forest Hospital District and Truckee Donner Public Utility District, officials have also grappled with the issues of growth, accountability and how to best meet their constituents’ concerns.

And of course, the Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board of Directors race has been the subject of many articles and submitted letters in the Sun over the past eight weeks. Now, the eight candidates will face the public, and voters will decide what direction they think the airport should take.

Truckee’s voter rolls jumped by about 500 people to 7,788 registered voters since March’s primary elections. If you’re one of those 7,788 voters who care enough to be registered, you’ve got absolutely no reason to stay at home Tuesday.

Tuesday is your chance to let your opinion on these issues be recorded for the ages.

Don’t waste the chance that you have been given.


Our View is the editorial viewpoint of Sierra Sun staff.

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