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Our View: Face time with the Council

When Truckee’s downtown paid parking district goes into effect, there is sure to be a chorus of grumbles from locals who resent having to feed the meter to visit Commercial Row or West River Street.We’re sure residents will have legitimate reasons to complain. However, this after-the-fact criticism helps no one, unless you just like to vent. The real time and place to voice trepidation, concern or outright distaste was during the approval process that the Town of Truckee has worked to make as transparent and user friendly as possible.During the downtown paid parking meetings, town hall was conspicuously silent, apart from a couple of downtown business owners. Truckee decision makers sitting in front of a near empty room can only make their best guesses about the public’s concerns over certain decisions if nobody is there to give a face and a voice to the public’s viewpoint. Truckee is changing. Parking meters, roundabouts and subdivisions are going up across town and changing the look of our mountain community.And more dramatic changes are scheduled to be decided in the future. Truckee officials need to hear from regular folks when, or before, these projects that effect the entire community come up for a decision.While Glenshire residents may mobilize when a housing project is proposed for their backyard, or Ponderosa Palisades shows up for a Hilltop meeting; resolve to go beyond that involvement and voice your opinion on issues that effect the entire town.After all, we are a community. What affects one part of us will eventually affect us all.