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Our View: May 2008 be more good than not

Flames seared the memory of 2007 into our collective consciousness: Angora, Washoe, Interchange ” swaths of Southern California.

The long, dry summer of 2007 was foretold by a long, dry winter of 2006-07. We all knew the dangers of wildfire, 2007 taught a great many of us to actually be prepared for when fire strikes. Whether it happens in 2008, 2009 or some time in the future, wildfire will strike the Truckee-Tahoe region.

So for the coming year, be prepared. Have your defensible space in place, identify the family heirlooms you can’t live without and make sure your insurance is adequate.

For all the anxiety fire brought in 2007, however, there were the milestones. The broad collaborative effort of the Truckee Donner Land Trust, Trust for Public Lands, Placer County, Truckee-Tahoe Airport District and countless individuals to purchase Waddle Ranch was truly a momentous achievement.

Then there were the annual achievements that, once again in 2007, illustrated why ours is such a great community. Hats off to the folks who go out of their way every year to make Christmas in the Truckee-Tahoe area a truly Community Christmas.

Kudos too to the people who donated items, money and time to help their neighbors who may have needed a little assistance.

There are countless more stories ” good and not-so good ” that occurred over the past year that we haven’t mentioned. And despite the anxiety over wildfire, a “normalizing” real estate market, random acts of violence and other realities life throws at us, we have to look to the future; look at our beautiful surroundings and acknowledge that we live in a special place within a special community.

Life, it seems, is always a mixture of the good and not-so good. May 2008 be more of the good than not.