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Our View: Murder verdict is cautionary story

Fifteen years to life: That’s the range of prison time Timothy Brooks faces for stabbing Robert Ash to death last summer in Tahoe City.

Even though Brooks’ attorney vowed to appeal the jury’s decision, the 26 year old’s future looks grim. By and large, the so-called California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation hardly does that. And Brooks, a UC Berkeley graduate and prospective grad school student, is probably one of the few who will enter the state’s prison system this year and not really need to be corrected or rehabilitated.

Nonetheless, Brooks stabbed another man to death. Period.

And it was hardly a crime of passion that changed lives in a blink of an eye. Brooks and his wife spent a half an hour looking for Ash after they encountered each other in their vehicles on the highway. Brooks then put a knife in his pocket when he and his wife spotted Ash’s sports car in Tahoe City.

Soon thereafter, lives were ruined. It didn’t just destroy the lives of the man who died and his family, but also Brooks, who could very well live out the best years of his life in a state penitentiary, and his family.

Brooks’ is a cautionary story for all of us. How many times have we yelled or given the one-finger salute to another driver? How many times have we punched the accelerator to get around that car in front of us just to squeeze in one vehicle further ahead?

Think those are just harmless acts? Think of Timothy Brooks and Robert Ash.

Two lives wasted over what?