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Our View: Parking your opinion where it counts

Considering the moans and groans that have surrounded the launch of metered parking downtown, we expected the Truckee Town Council would have to wade through applications of prospective participants for the towns proposed parking commission.Unfortunately, it appears all the opinions and ideas liberally handed out in conversation or in letters to the editor have not translated into a wave of people who actually want to sit down and work out the issues surrounding paid parking.The town received only eight application for the commission, which the town council envisioned as a nine-member group.The commission had seats available not only for downtown residents and business owners, but also community members with no direct connection to downtown.Now the commission is on hold as the council and town staff plead, cajole and petition Truckee residents to get involved in a parking district everyone seems to have an expert opinion on.Its a situation similar to the meeting night when the town council approved metered parking where very few community members offered an opinion. While the public was quiet on the idea of metered parking during the decision-making process, opinions came out of the woodwork once the meters sprung up downtown.Now the community has a second chance to get involved not just peripherally, but to have input that will mold how the meters are used in the future, or perhaps not.The parking district faces some big questions ahead. With the parking district facing an almost certain deficit its first year, tough decisions may have to be made on how to recoup that shortfall.The eight individuals who applied should be applauded for backing up their opinions on paid parking with a commitment of their time. But after all the hubbub, a full set of applicants for the parking commission should not be too much to ask. It just takes turning opinion into involvement.