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Our View: Snow is no place for the rat race

A letter to the editor the other day (“Where do we live again?” Dec. 10 ) and our first nice big snow storm got us to thinking about driving.

In the letter, a Kings Beach reader recounted his recent snowy drive over Brockway Summit on Highway 267. Chained up, he was doing an understandable 25 mph.

The problem, however, was the driver behind him.

The letter writer said he was bumped into a snowbank by the impatient driver as that person passed.

Between big rigs, mountainous roads and ubiquitous tourist drivers, staying safe on the roads in dry weather is challenging enough. Add a bit of snow, flat-landers in four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles and the most dangerous ingredient ” speed ” and the situation changes entirely.

Why are we bringing this up to you all, our mountain-dwelling and driving readers?

Well, no matter how many years we have driven in the snow, all it takes is one exasperated tromp on the accelerator to get around that lost tourist, chained-up frontwheel-drive Tercel or plodding plow and a slick patch of road and ” boom, splat ” you’re the one getting towed out of the snowbank.

How many times have other drivers ” or perhaps you ” raced past the vehicle in front as the lanes merge at the Mousehole on Highway 89 just to make it through the tunnel a little quicker?

Sounds as though the driver who bumped our letter writer up on Brockway was guilty of just such impatience. In the meantime, the writer, whose car was in the snowbank, couldn’t flag down any help from other drivers.

“Where do we live again?” the driver asked in his letter. “What part of, ‘Stop, I need some help’ don’t we understand. Or are we so caught up in the rat race of life that we can’t even stop to help one of our own?”

Something to think about before standing on that gas pedal ” with or without snow on the ground.

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