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Our View: The reason for the season

It was just a scant two years ago when the “War on Christmas” raged.

Well, it raged mostly on television, waged by politicians and shock-jock TV and radio hosts aiming at boosting ratings and people’s emotions.

For various reasons, the War on Christmas has petered out, thanks to either a media pre-occupied by something else, change in the Congress or a lame duck President minus his Architect.

Whatever the reason, those arguments ” Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays ” don’t make the season.

The spirit of Christmas is indeed cheapened if we turn it into politics and concentrate on controversy instead of the beauty of families coming together, friends sharing time, lighting dark nights and Christians celebrating Jesus’ birth.

The latter being the key aspect in the “debate” over overt religiousness or politically correct phraseology in what many others see as a spiritual time hijacked by thoughtless consumerism.

And that’s where this country finds itself today, a rich panoply that can ” that must ” occupy the same stage: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a rented donkey, three kings, Santa and his sleigh, shepherds, a red-nosed reindeer, the guiding star, malls.

All very moving, very beautiful and, although it might not meet the finer tests of theology, very spiritual for many.

For those of us caught up in the bustle of buying presents, hacking down Christmas trees, heading off to sit the son or daughter on Santa’s lap ” Christmas is anything but a simple holiday. Not to mention the complications from those out there attempting to make a war out of it.

But the underlying reason for the season is simplicity itself: Peace on Earth, good will toward men (and women!).

Merry Happy Christmas Holidays from the Sierra Sun.

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