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Out of the Blue: FBI troubles plague Trump

In the world of Twin Peaks, when FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) gets called up to answer some questions for the agency’s Chief of Staff, Denise Bryson (David Duchovny), their exchange is direct, sweet, funny, and wonderfully bizarre.

Denise is worried about Gordon getting himself in trouble with a much-younger female agent — I could recap the whole scene for you, but let’s just say it’s the kind of witty, whip-smart television that I personally haven’t encountered in years.

And speaking of the FBI and being on TV, by the time this article goes out, Donald Trump’s former FBI Director James Comey will have testified about a number of subjects in front of a Senate panel. I have a feeling The Donald and James Show won’t be the must-see TV of Twin Peaks.

Because here’s the deal. As a full-tilt-boogie Democrat, like so many in the area, I have been looking forward to seeing DJT really step in the muck. On an almost weekly cycle, something that the Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Winner (Ghosts Can’t Do It — 1990) has signed or tweeted or been interviewed about has absolutely backfired.

Whether it’s the Michael Flynn garbage or the relatively new piece of information that DJT’s son-in-law wanted to establish a back-room channel of communication with Russia, I remain positively dumbfounded that multiple facets of the American government haven’t thrown the book at this guy.

I might have to eat some crow if this prediction of mine doesn’t come true, which is fine (as a liberal, I’m happily familiar with losing battles), but even if Comey’s appearance in Washington goes just OK for Donald, the corner the guy has painted himself into leaves him with nowhere to go.

I was convinced that when I opened my Sunday newspaper on June 4 that I’d read about DJT using a tricky executive order power to silence Comey altogether, to attempt to nip this live wire in the bud, but as of Monday afternoon, June 5, he appears to be content letting his BFF get up there and answering politely anything he’d like.

I don’t comprehend the logic behind this. My basic impression is simply that the lunatics are running the asylum at The White House.

Trump has always made it appear like a devil-may-care attitude toward being president is what his core base enjoys — they like his style that’s all bluster, a whirlwind, unpredictable.

This was blatantly apparent when DJT took to the Rose Garden to make a presentation about taking the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, insisting that doing so would shut up the countries around the world who have been laughing at us about our participation in the arrangement.

There are differing perspectives on the Paris Climate Accord, to be sure, with even The Wall Street Journal referring to the thing as ‘phony progress’. But if the strategic goal of jumping ship with the Paris Accord was to cleanly and properly align the president with Steve Bannon’s nationalist political bent, it would have served Trump, Bannon, and their superfans better if DJT had exited the arrangement in a press release, one that Sean Spicer wouldn’t even have to bother reading out loud.

But DJT can’t resist that spotlight. He recently took to Twitter to call his controversial executive order a “travel ban,” which directly contradicts what acting solicitor general Jeffrey B. Wall said about it, which threatens to deal a killing blow to that legislation’s fate when the Supreme Court looks at it soon.

Again and again, the sober, easy thing for the Trump administration to straighten up and fly right would be to just stay quiet for a while. Go off the grid. God forbid: they should confiscate Prima Donald’s various telephones. His approval numbers would only go up in this scenario, right?

DJT as president is going to be sandblasted by this Comey appearance in a way he hasn’t encountered before. His comments will constitute more than the “he said/he said” half-truths Trump has been able to wiggle his way around. The guy has proven a horrifying number of times that he can flash that smile of his and avoid what would, to any other politician, be the drop of the guillotine. Perhaps he can keep up his good luck.

One thing I’m sure of is that while I’m sure he’s not much of a Twin Peaks fan (he prefers, of course, The Apprentice), he’d switch places and let David Lynch deal with his FBI troubles any day of the week.

Mike Restaino is a writer and filmmaker based out of Incline Village. He is also a founding member of the North Tahoe Democrats. He can be reached at mike@northahoedems.org.

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