Packing an itchy Taser finger |

Packing an itchy Taser finger

Why anyone would run from the cops is beyond me. Unless, I suppose, that person has a reason to run. And if I were a cop, that would automatically make him a “bad guy” ” or at least suspect ” in my book.

Alas, I’m not a cop, but on Wednesday night I witnessed an example of why I wouldn’t mind packing a Taser if I was out there protecting and serving those who weren’t running from me.

Case in point: Guy on a hot-rod motorcycle flies past me on Interstate 80, exits and then blows a stop sign. Right after that move, the vehicle behind me lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s Truckee PD, and the chase is on.

The two speed across the Donner Pass Road overpass, barrel through a four-way stop and are out of my view in a matter of seconds.

My first thought is that this thing is going to end up like a segment of “High Speed Chases Gone Wild.” Second thought is to hightail it over to the newsroom where we have a police scanner. That’s where I get the second-by-second account of the chase that goes something like this.

“He’s doing 80 mph past Donner Lake.”

“90 mph up Old 40”

“I don’t see him.”

Knowing Donner Pass Road as it parallels Donner Lake, I was picturing our hot-rod motorcyclist as he hurtled down the road as some hapless driver tried to turn off a side street onto Donner Pass. Luckily, the motorcycle-turned-missile didn’t cause any collateral damage.

But the whole idea of this guy putting others in danger ” like my wife and kid ” had my would-be Taser finger itching.

Think what you will about the use of Tasers by police, but I’d venture a wild guess and say that most of the time they are used there is a viable reason. Here’s what a police captain in Grass Valley told the Union newspaper in a story about Tasers.

“The majority (of people arrested) are high on narcotics,” said Capt. Dave Remillard. “We attempt to use only that amount of force necessary to subdue them, and they’re using whatever force they have to get away.”

Shock that sucker.

What’s the alternative? Bash him over the head with an oak billy club? That’s humane. Probably need to bash him a couple times to keep him from getting away.

I wonder if Amnesty International has done reports on the number of people killed or permanently impaired after being subdued with batons? I’m not belittling the work Amnesty does. But reality is that people do bad things, that’s why we have police to catch them when they don’t want to be caught.

If the bad guy ” or when an innocent guy ” is dealing with the cops, that person should simply comply with their wishes. If you’re a bad guy, it saves you from getting clubbed or having 50,000 volts tickle your innards for five seconds. If you’re that innocent guy, why would you not comply?

Yes, reality also dictates that things don’t always work so smoothly out on the mean streets. That’s why we have to have highly trained officers.

Another case in point: Our hot-rod motorcyclist is eventually stopped with nary a shock nor whack over the head by Truckee police.

Good thing I’m not a cop.

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