Parting shots and many fond farewells from the Peanut Gallery |

Parting shots and many fond farewells from the Peanut Gallery

The rumors are true … this is the last Peanut Gallery, I’ve written my last stories and am moving to sunny Washington. The more and more I talk or write about it, the more and more it sinks in – I think.

My husband Russell accepted an offer to work at Booth Creek’s resort in Washington and the move will be final at the end of January. To the Summit at Snoqualmie we go.

Although I compiled the information on the Year in Review for the Dec. 31 issue, it is only appropriate that I compile my own list of the Year and One Half in Review, and say goodbye and thanks to all the people who have touched my life during my stay at the Sun.

In the time I’ve been with the paper, I’ve had the opportunity to become a Truckee Rotarian with the “noon is best” club. The club hooked me with the Our Truckee River Legacy and put me to work organizing prizes for the incredible Cadillac Ball raffle that raised more than $61,000 for the community. Nelson Van Gundy, my sponsor, offered me the challenge and I took it. Plan on seeing me for the dedication ceremony for the Our Truckee River Legacy. Thank you all – you’re the best. (That goes for all Truckee’s service clubs and their members who spend hundreds of volunteer hours raising money for the people and organizations that are in need.)

Then there’s Fire Chief Mike Terwilliger and the Truckee Fire crews. Twig, along with CDF Battalion Chief Bryce Keller, properly outfitted me with Nomex so I could take photos “up close and personal” at fire scenes. Although I am happy there was no property lost to fires, it’s kind of a bummer that I am handing back my Nomex as clean as it was when I received it.

The Monday morning fire report trips to Truckee Fire will be missed. Thanks for all the fun – Gary, Bob, Steve, Rod, Greg, Larry, Moana, Guy, Rick, Bill, Craig and Gene. For all the fire prevention and safety information, thanks Chuck and Bob. For all the dirty jokes and happy faces, thanks Judy and Joyce.

I had the opportunity to serve our community as a lookout volunteer atop Martis Peak for CDF and the Forest Service. Again, for all the fun – thanks to Dean, Stu, Fuqua, Mark, Doc and Brian.

Truckee Ranger Joanne Roubique and her crew at the Forest Service provided me a great education on the Tahoe National Forest, as well as an opportunity to discover hidden treasures with area archaeologists. Thanks Joanne, Carrie, Caryn, Kathy, Karen, Bruce, Juanita, Ruben, and of course, Smokey Bear.

Donner Summit Fire cannot go without mention. Although I didn’t get to ride on its new snowmobiles, I did get to ride high above the road in its new engine. Thanks to all of you, who so kindly forked over the Monday fire reports – Win, Marc, Jeff, Rob and Julie. Good luck Jeff in your new position at Sac City Fire, and good luck to Marc and Julie in your new lieutenant positions. Bye bye to Meredith, Chief 801 Steve Lieberman, Snoop, Porter and the “house cat.”

CHP can’t go without many thanks and sad goodbyes – Capt. Don, Ron, Wes, Todd, Kathleen, Colin and the numerous officers who chose not to pull me over for speeding – thanks.

Then there’s NCSO – thanks for all the info, last minute cooperation, jokes, etc. … good luck with all your new equipment. I’ll miss Ken, T.C., Kevin, Tim, Bill, Stano, Jeff, Chaun, Steve, Dave and the assorted bunch of dispatchers who put up with my midnight calls about working incidents.

I don’t know if Bob Drake fits into my thanks at NCSO or the Town Council. Actually, he is in his own category. Thank you for all the jokes, stories and kind words. Just remember Bob, some day all those blackmail photos will come back to haunt you.

Thanks to the councilmembers and town employees who I have shared lots of fun and information with. I will miss calling Jim Smith every time an earthquake happens. Thanks to Ron, Josh, Don, Tony, Steve, Gavin, Tom, Tamara, Dan, and Vicky. Hey Gavin, I wish you the best of luck with trails and bikeways.

Then there’s the historical society – thanks Chelsea, Guy and Sharon for ALL your help with photos and captions.

Good luck and warm goodbyes are sent to Phebe, Jennifer and Suzy with Tahoe Women’s Services, and Ruth and Jan at Sierra Nevada Children’s Services. Good luck to Jim and Lisa, and the board of the Truckee-Tahoe Community Foundation.

For the Truckee River Habitat Restoration Group – thanks for including Russ and me in the 1998 Truckee River Day. Kath, Joanne, Robie and Sarah – thanks.

To the Rubicon softball team sponsor Ben Martin – thanks for continuing my “contract” as a third basewoman, even though I didn’t finish all of the five seasons due to injuries like torn ligaments, broken backs, etc. Sad goodbyes go to Kathlee, Jeff, Walter, Amber, Scott, Wendy and Jane.

To Steve Frisch, thanks for the Sherry Amaized article that you so neatly scripted for your buddies last year. No harm, no foul. Oh, Ricco sang like a canary.

I can barely type the names Maia, Jen, L.A. and Joey without beginning to sob. Hey you guys – did we have fun or what? We’ll still have fun – we’re only going to be a few hours apart. OK? With the Truckee community as my witness, I promise to write and visit often. Plan on our girls kayak trip to see the whales in the San Juans. I wish I didn’t love you all so much, this way my move would be easier.

Someone asked me recently what I would most want to be remembered for, and after much thought it came to me – my sincere love of Truckee.

When I asked Peter Kostes if I could be the community news editor, I didn’t realize how deep into the community I would actually get. I got to meet so many interesting people with different lifestyles, religious beliefs, eating and drinking habits, driving abilities, athletic abilities and careers. Truckee is a pretty amazing place – for so many people with so many backgrounds to actually meld together as a community. I don’t think there is any other community that pulls together to help each other out like Truckee does. You’re all terrific.

I’ve cared about causes, events, illnesses, losses and achievements. Through my fire prevention and safety stories, I’ve tried in some strange way to take care of you all. If one fire, drowning or car accident was prevented, I consider my job a success. The highlights of my stay here was sharing in all your accomplishments.

Thank you for opening up your lives to me. Working with the Sun gave me the ability to meet you and hear your stories, which will not be forgotten.

About the Sun staff – thanks for all your support, laughter, South Park recaps and friendship – Peter, Susan, Jamie, John, Pat, Vickie, Lorea, Doug, Jennifer and Kerrian. Good luck on the redesign. For the person who will be taking my place – have as much fun as I did. Meet all the people you can and truly absorb Truckee’s culture, as wacky as it is.

I will be in town until Jan. 30, so I hope to see as many of you as possible before I leave.

Big hugs – Sher

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