Peter Albert: McClintock owes us an apology |

Peter Albert: McClintock owes us an apology

McClintock owes us an apology

We live in a region of extraordinary beauty, history and promise. The Sierra mark the divide between the Pacific and the Great Basin. Our history is of action to overcome political divides to preserve our unity as a region and a nation.

Today, as other Republican Party leaders expressed outrage at Trump’s conduct in Helsinki, Congressman Tom McClintock defends Trump by arguing “I don’t think insulting Putin at a joint press conference would have contributed to better relations with Russia.”

Of course not: but neither does appeasing Putin and insulting our own U.S. Intelligence agency.

A true leader would have courageously and diplomatically condemned Russia’s interference in America’s affairs without insulting anyone. McClintock denies the importance of standing up for America under Putin’s assault, and joins Trump with reckless disregard for our Union.

He is exacerbating our divide, tarnishing our history and undermining our promise. He owes us an apology.

Peter Albert


Where’s the other side of the story?

In reference to “Snowmobilers rail against proposed restrictions,” (Sierra Sun, July 6) where is the other side of the story?

There is one sentence in this long article that references the arguments of those opposed to the snowmobilers’ position and no attempt to interview or quote anyone from the environmental and human-powered sports communities.

As a news article, on the front page of the print edition no less, this article fails the most basic principle of journalism. Time for the editors and writer to go back to school.

Jack Kashtan