Pine Nuts: Floor 75 offers some spectacular vistas |

Pine Nuts: Floor 75 offers some spectacular vistas

What a view from this crow’s nest!

One can see beauty from up here in almost everything. From this lofty perch one can even see beauty in Tahoe rocks, rocks that radiate a ghostly temporal specter. Yes, at 75 one can see time in a rock and feel it in his bones. Tall trees appear as blades of grass, and the moon is within reach.

Those of us who find ourselves atop ‘Shot Tower 75’ share the distinct benefit of being able to recall events mentioned in today’s media that happened a half century ago, back when we were 25.

This year we are revisiting the Prague Spring of 1968, North Korea capturing the Pueblo, North Vietnam launching the Tet Offensive, losing Martin Luther King, Jr. & Bobby Kennedy, America’s first televised interracial kiss on Star Trek, and the heart-stopping photograph of our fragile blue planet from Apollo 8 orbiting the moon.

In full disclosure, this son of antiquity has adopted a couple caveats to save himself from falling into some sink holes of 75. The first caveat is this, “If what you’re talking about did not happen today, you are probably repeating yourself.” And the second is, “In the history of the world there have been only seven jokes, and though humor is a really good thing, unless you are coming up with an eighth joke, everybody has already heard your joke. Yes, A fresh amusing anecdote falls more gently upon the human ear than a petrified joke.”

But getting back to the upside of the 75th tier, we have an opportunity to recycle the character we’ve been wearing around for three quarters of a century, and trade it in for a new one, a more admirable one, a character that extends charity and kindness freely to the less fortunate without looking for thanks.

And if at 75 we have an idea that can save the world, it is our solemn duty to share that idea, and not leave it in a drawer to be tossed out with a notice that your subscription to The Atlantic is about to expire. I shall post mine here today, in case I should happen to step into an open manhole tomorrow and get flushed out to sea …

Every country shall issue good-for-one-year free travel passes to all 18 year olds. If all 18 year olds travel outside their national borders we will see in a short span of two generations the demise of prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

At 75 it would be imprudent not to get our affairs in order. I’ve designated some treasured Twain memorabilia to go to our public library, and too, I consider it an obligation to leave a short list of ‘favorites’ as a tip of the hat to those icons that light up my lucky life. I’m starting that list today and shall post the first few favorites here …

MUSIC: ‘Navajo Rug’ by Old West, & ‘My Baby Thinks He’s a Twain’ by Shiloh

VISUAL ART: The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

ATHLETE: Jim Thorpe


Seventy-five is a good time to tender appreciation to those amazing people who have brightened and enlightened our lives…

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