Pine Nuts: Time travel on Tahoe’s Flume Trail |

Pine Nuts: Time travel on Tahoe’s Flume Trail

Our earth resonates at 8, 14 and 20 Hz. Tap into it, and you can travel through time. I discovered this phenomenon while gazing across Lake Tahoe from the Tunnel Creek Flume Trail. I imagined myself attached to a tether at the center of the earth and able to rotate the Earth’s circumference at a highly amplified velocity.

I experimented with augmented speeds of revolution until I attained perfect pitch with electromagnetic waves of earth’s resonance. The sensation was all encompassing, a sense of oneness such as I have never known. It lasted but a second, though a singular and profound second. I was standing apart from real time on Earth, but had no idea which way I had moved, forward or backward. Either way, I knew I had somehow transcended pedestrian time and space.

Having never understood the theory of relativity as explained by Mr. Einstein, I suspected perhaps I might have stumbled into it by accident. Had I been extraordinarily lucky in my attempt to extrapolate Earth’s energy like Nikola Tesla suggested, or had I merely experienced a “runner’s high?” I let it go and continued on my jog toward home.

As I crossed the intersection at Incline Way, a car missed the stop and I found myself in harm’s way. On a normal day I could not have reacted in time to such a sudden intrusion, but, happily, I found myself a second or so ahead of my earthly self and was able to avoid an occasion of adversity.

Apparently, by aligning myself with Earth’s electromagnetic resonance, I had moved ahead in time by the approximate equivalent of a full second. So if I were, in fact, permanently established in a time zone a second ahead of where I had been residing all my life, how might I then be able to use this anomaly to my, and perhaps somebody else’s, benefit?

I decided to try my newfound advantage on the stock market, and, guess what, it worked. Being a full second ahead of the most powerful high-frequency, algorithmic trading I was able to make $10, 271 in less than five minutes. I was not smarter than anybody else out there, only slightly ahead. Then too, I had to ask myself, is this legal? Not being an attorney I let the question drop until such a time as I had the peace of mind to examine the legitimacy of my newfound fortune in the comfort of my living room.

I still don’t fully understand the impact of my “trip” in time, but, for the time being, I’m adopting a maxim put forth by Mark Twain: “Diligently train your ideals upward toward a summit where your chiefest pleasure will be found in activity that while contenting you will be sure to confer benefits upon your neighbor and the community.”

With that thought in mind, I believe it is now time to return to the Flume Trail and see if I can skip yet another diminutive second into the forthcoming.

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