Pine Nuts: What are the odds? |

Pine Nuts: What are the odds?

Were an asteroid to strike Mother Earth and we were all to be suddenly and unexpectedly exterminated, that would be most unfortunate. But were we to exterminate ourselves with thermo-nuclear weapons, or by altering our climate beyond repair, well, that would be ignoble.

Odds are, one of the three just might get us, so what are the odds on which might happen first? Let us take a deep breath, look at the possibilities, and post the odds.

Ecological apocalypse? One scientific model suggests society will collapse from a shortage of food by 2040. Well, societies have collapsed before and we have revived, but this time there will be not enough of the environment left to rebuild. Envisaged end: 2050.

Taurid stream? The meteor shower that passed Earth in 2015, “Taurid,” will be back in a few short years. Astronomers estimate that inside that shower hides a swarm of asteroids not yet visible to us that have the potential to destroy life on earth. We could become the hapless victims of resulting tsunamis and firestorms. Given the choice, I would take a tsunami over a firestorm any day. At least if you had a noodle handy, or a snorkel and some fins, you might be lucky enough to ride it out, though you would probably ride it right into a firestorm, so never mind. Envisaged end: 2022.

Nuclear Immolation? Let’s take a look at perhaps the most imminent scenario, that of immolating ourselves with nuclear weapons. We have two nuclear countries now posturing for a nuclear war, North Korea and the United States, both displaying dangerous brinkmanship we euphemistically call, “war games.” Toss into that cocktail the unassailable truth that the leaders of both countries have more “b’s than b’s,” as the saying is, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster. Envisaged end: 2017.

So, considering these three possible scenarios, let’s try to determine the probable odds.

Ecological apocalypse? We are too smart to let our environment die at our own hand and take us along for the ride. We will convert to sustainable energy at the last possible second, and learn to live on borrowed time. Odds: 30-1.

Taurid stream? We should be smart enough to develop the technology to detect and destroy incoming asteroids by the year 2022. Should prayer fail us, Asteroid Laser Ablation could be our savior. Odds: 20-1.

Nuclear immolation? We are not insightful enough to remove the threat of thermo-nuclear annihilation before it consumes us. Nation states have developed so many nuclear “deterrents,” one little boo-boo and ba-boom! Game over! Odds: 10-1.

So there are the odds, established by The Curmudgeon of Clemens Cove Sports Book. Now, what can we do to beat these odds? It’s easy — we get smart. Get smart quick. Get smart today, for tomorrow may be too late. The worst lie of all, the lie of silent assertion, the lie that fomented World War II, is working against us, and time is not on our side — the clock is ticking.

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