Planning for Truckee – Reach for the Stars |

Planning for Truckee – Reach for the Stars

Stephen L. Wright, Truckee Town Manager

What do Star Trek, Truckee community planning and you all have in common? Read on.

If there is one thing that the Town of Truckee has become known for as a public agency, it is planning. Since incorporation almost 10 years ago, the Truckee Town Council, with the community, has completed long-term plans for road maintenance, equipment replacement, fiscal management, historic preservation, bikeways and trails, overall land use plans, downtown specific plans, redevelopment plans, river corridor plans, emergency preparedness, affordable housing, specific plans, special study areas – the list goes on and on.

Nothing engenders more controversy, and yet is more critical to the success of a town, than community planning. In fact, one of the primary reasons that this town incorporated was so local citizens would have more control over our destiny. At the time of incorporation, all five of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors lived in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area and yet made land use decisions for Truckee. Well, incorporation changed all of that and sometimes you have to be careful about you wish for – because you just might get it. And we did!

Planning and related community involvement is now an integral part of Truckee’s community life. The Town works very hard to keep you informed and involved in our planning efforts. On critical land use plans, for example, if just five planning commissioners and five council members create a community plan, then the likelihood of it reflecting community values is very slim. On the other hand, if hundreds, preferably thousands, of Truckee residents participate in the planning process, then the likelihood for success is great. We use news articles, web pages and web sites, newsletters, questionnaires, television, community forums and public hearings to both inform and to hear from you. Please participate!

The next great planning effort where we will “boldly go where no one has gone before” is the update of the Town’s primary land use planning document – the General Plan.

Even though the current general plan is only seven years old, the town council wants to be sure that the community vision for the future of Truckee is sound and that the land use policies that the council adopts to carry out that vision are in place.

Last Thursday (Feb. 6) the council selected the consultant team to lead this 18-month-long process. Over the next few months the process for obtaining community input will be developed and your involvement is critical. Check out the web site that is specifically devoted to this update process at Sign up there for our general plan newsletter or call us at 582-7700 to get on our mailing list.

It is critical that you get involved in this planning process – otherwise someone else is going to plan the future of Truckee for you.

The Phase 1 portion of this process is to test the “vision” previously established by the community. Is it yours? Then we will be defining the major issues for the plan, establishing community objectives and ultimately evaluating alternatives for final consideration.

Will your thoughts be part of the process?

As Capt. Picard would say, “Make It So.” It has been a great first 10 years of this new town’s history. Help us plan for the next 20!

Steven Wright is Truckee Town Manager.

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