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Pocket Pals: Snack lunches for ski or skate in Tahoe Truckee

TAHOE/TRUCKEE andamp;#8212; Ski Skate Week is coming to a close and by now your family and your wallet are probably sick to death of the Frog Dog experience. Itandamp;#8217;s time to show the kids you care and fill their zippered jackets with motherly attention.If they are at that awkward age andamp;#8212; too grown-up to break for lunch, but too young to have reached that precious phase where a Red Bull is a ski staple andamp;#8212; sandwich wraps are a great way to line their pockets with love and nutrition.The key here is to keep it easy; ski mornings are hectic enough. Plus, you too may be heading for the slopes, or maybe just eager to get them out the door so you can get back to that Nora Roberts book you have hidden in your top drawer. Or perhaps you are still harboring a resentment over the time-consuming sack lunch (weandamp;#8217;re talking capers in the tuna no less!) you prepared and then found unopened in your husbandandamp;#8217;s truck.But I digress. Whatever the case may be, time is of the essence and sandwiches wonandamp;#8217;t do as they are bulky and vulnerable. Enter the roll-ups. Fast and flat (no love-life jokes, please), these pocket pals can be a low-maintenance but highly creative endeavor thanks to the antipasto bars at Safeway (Kings Beach, Truckee, Zephyr Cove) and salad bars (New Moon in Truckee or Tahoe Forest Hospitalandamp;#8217;s Pine Street Caf, Truckee).Start with the small fajita, whole-wheat flour tortillas (I like Missionandamp;#8217;s andamp;#8220;Carbandamp;#8217; balanceandamp;#8221;) and a tub of spreadable garden vegetable or plain cream cheese as your canvas and then choose one of the following fillings, or a variation on the two, depending on family likes and dislikes.

IngredientsSmall fajita flour tortillasCream cheese spread, plain or garden vegetableMeat, removed by hand, in strings, from whole pre-roasted chicken Romaine lettuce leafs, cut in halfSelections from the antipasto bar recommends: The Sweetheart Salad comprised of artichoke hearts, hearts of palm and sweet red peppers, the sun dried tomato stuffed green olives (sliced or chopped), marinated vegetables (chopped), sweet red peppers or the Muffaletta (olive) spread. From the salads bars, turn to olives, sun dried tomatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes (chopped and drained.) and cherry peppers (sliced and drained). Directions:Spread the cream cheese over the entire surface of tortilla. Place one halved lettuce leaf in center of the tortilla and top with chicken. Do not overload. Better to have two small wraps than one thatandamp;#8217;s large and unmanageable. Chop your antipasto and/or salad bar selections, drain and pat dry with paper towel. Sprinkle a few tablespoons on chicken and then roll.To roll: Facing loaded tortilla, fold bottom of tortilla towards the top, then the right third towards the center. Fold the top down, towards the middle, and then the left third over to seal it. This is where the edible adhesive known as cream cheese really becomes your friend.

Ingredients:Small fajita, whole-wheat flour tortillas Cream cheese spread, plain or garden vegetableSliced pepperoni Pre-make jar of spaghetti sauceString cheese, half of a stick (lengthwise) per wrap, or shredded mozzarellaOlives; green, black or the sun dried tomato stuffed greens at the Safeway barDirections:Lightly spread entire tortilla surface with cream cheese and about two tablespoons of tomato sauce. Place six-to-eight slices of pepperoni in center of wrap, top with cheese and olives and then roll in same fashion as above. I wouldnandamp;#8217;t add any salad bar selections to this guy. It is better in its purity.

And for snacks, how about some puppy chow? Itandamp;#8217;s is all the rage and it is pretty darn tasty. I throw in raisins to make me feel better about myself.Ingredients:1/2 cups chocolate chips1/2 stick butter1/2 cup peanut butter1 box bran cereal1 cup powdered sugar1 cup raisins (optional)Directions:Melt chocolate chips and butter. Stir in peanut butter. Transfer to large bowl and stir in entire box of cereal. Sift powdered sugar over the finished product, stirring until pieces are coated.

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