Preparing for The Great Truckee Nudist Revolt |

Preparing for The Great Truckee Nudist Revolt

Up for a little entertaining yet informative reading? Don’t bother with All you need to do is pull up and you’re set ” at least that’s what I discovered.

As I was conducting some research recently, I came across what is essentially the foundation of Truckee ” our municipal code. You’re undoubtedly thinking that this collection of ordinances and whatnot is about as dry as Nevada. Wrong.

This baby is practically sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. (Well, maybe not, but if you kinda squint when you read some of the chapters, man, it gets kinda racy.)

For instance, did you know that “nudity and the display of human genitals is or may be offensive to residents and visitors” to Truckee, particularly the folks who enjoy Donner Lake; “a distraction to the enjoyment of the natural environment and related recreational activities.”

Hmmmm, what could be more of a distraction to the enjoyment of the natural environment than a bunch of heavy clothes? I figure going “au natural” is all about being part of the natural surroundings. And come to think of it, I’d say going buck naked is a recreational activity in itself.

And while nudity and the display human genitals (can I write the word “genitals” in a newspaper?) is prohibited, I think I’ve found all you nudists out there a loophole (ah man, writing that word so close to the word genitals has me feeling like I should take a shower or something). So remember, while it may be a violation of the town’s laws to “appear, be, or become nude on any pier or beach at Donner Lake…,” it may not be so long as there aren’t “present persons to be offended or annoyed by such nudity.”

There ya go: Get everyone within sight to shimmy out of their clothes and you won’t be offending anyone. It would be The Great Truckee Nudist Revolt.

Or, depending on the assemblage of appendages, it could just be down right revolting.

Jamie Bate is the editor of the Sierra Sun. Reach him at

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