Principal’s Corner: Power of connections in Truckee |

Principal’s Corner: Power of connections in Truckee

Sara Colborn
Principal’s Corner

Recently, at the district’s annual PTO Leadership Summit, Dr. Rob Leri celebrated this year’s Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) theme “The Power of Connections.”

He reminded us that it’s the connections we have with students, colleagues, family, and community members that impact our success with students so much.

At the end of the summit, we were each gifted with a book, “Dear Teacher,” which was compiled and edited by Erin Linn Scheller. As I read through this compilation of letters to a former Tahoe Lake teacher, I thought the best way I could convey what’s special and unique about Truckee Elementary is reaching out to our Truckee Cubs and sharing their input.

I asked students to write a “Dear Principal” letter and share what makes them feel connected to Truckee Elementary. Here’s a sampling of the letters that crossed my desk.

Dear Principal,

“I feel connected to Truckee Elementary School because of the great community. The people, the district, the experiences, the opportunities, and the activities are incredible … I also shouldn’t forget about the field trips, the support, and most of all, the love. Truckee Elementary has brought me closer to Truckee and everyone I know.”

“It does NOT matter where you are at Truckee El, you are always surrounded by the most caring and loving staff ever.”

“I feel connected to Truckee Elementary because of the students. When I first came to Truckee Elementary, I had no friends, and now I have even more friends than I ever imagined.”

“One reason I like Truckee El is that I feel safe here with all the considerate teachers. I also really like how we get to do art once a week with Arts for the Schools.”

“I feel connected to Truckee Elementary because the teachers are the best.”

“My favorite thing about our school is all the teachers and all the kids and PE because you exercise and exercise is good for you so you can get fit and strong.”

“I like that there are only three rules, so you don’t have to memorize all that fancy stuff.”

“My favorite things in school are all the programs in this school. I also enjoy reading over 1,000 books in the library.”

“We love all the teachers that work here. They are all so nice and respectful to us children. We love you, teachers!”

“My favorite thing is to see my friends, art, and to learn. I like this school because everyone is nice.”

“I like school because I like meeting new friends and meeting my new teachers. School is fun because every year you get to learn something new.”

“I love school because it’s fun and the teachers are helpful, nice, fun, and funny. My favorite subject is science because science is full of fun.”

“I like technology. It’s very fun. I also like science … I like helping Mrs. Stewart clean up the lab.”

“I love this school because … we have the best classrooms in the world, it’s bully-free, and you let the Boys and Girls Club work here.”

“I like the science lab because I like the little animals and the scent.”

“I like the library because I can read so much. I like recess because I can play with my friends.”

“I feel very safe … The only school that I wanted was a well-educated school, and that is what I got.”

“I like reading because I want to be smart and good at reading.”

“I am connected to all of the big events like the Walk-a-Thon and the parades.”

“I make friends really easily because Truckee Elementary is such a caring community.  I really love Truckee El because it is amazing!”

I am so proud to be the principal of this amazing school. I would have loved to share with you my own words about the incredible amount of stamina our students demonstrate in voracious reading, the fantastic problem solving and collaborative discussions happening in math, and the engaging instruction and high-level learning happening in every classroom, every day.

However, without our connections and our students’ voices, we would not be the proud neighborhood we are at Truckee Elementary. Without our community’s support, we would not have the essential enrichment opportunities our students mentioned. What my letter from the heart would say:

Dear Tahoe Truckee Community,

Thank you.


Truckee Elementary

Sara Colborn is Principal of Truckee Elementary