Prosser Creek gets a new playground |

Prosser Creek gets a new playground

Thanks to donations from community businesses and the hard work of more than 60 parents, teachers and kids, students returned to classes Monday to find a new place to spend their recesses.

“Before this, our kids had to play in the bushes and trees, but they’ve really been wonderful about making due with what they had,” said Prosser Creek Program Director Barbara Ferrera, motioning to an snarled structure the students had made from twigs and tree limbs.

The new playground features an elaborate obstacle course, sandbox, tether balls, kickball corner, even a stage for outdoor plays.

All of the structures were designed and constructed of materials – namely lumber – to blend with the natural environment.

“The community at large really came together for this project,” Ferrera said.

Rich Valentine, one of the parents who volunteered to spend his entire Saturday slaving away in the heat, said he hopes the playground will be one that still encourages the students to create their own innovative games and activities.

“The kids really deserve this,” he said.