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Quenching thirst but not gas prices

We went to South Lake Tahoe last week for a morning Success Workshop. While we were there, we didnt drive into the neighborhoods that were devastated by the recent fire, but we were able to see some of the burned areas, at a distance, high on Angora Ridge and on Gardner Mountain. We also saw an area between Tahoe Keys and Camp Richardson where the fire did come down to Highway 89. Despite the damage, one has to wonder how much more area would have been devastated had it not been for the response of over 2,000 firefighters and hundreds of pieces of equipment.There were still signs and banners in front of businesses and homes thanking the firefighters for their noble efforts. One of the banners had a sentence at the bottom of it basically saying, yes, this was an illegal banner, but the heck with the sign ordinances. Hopefully this was just a political jab, and not an indicator that such shows of appreciation could possibly be frowned upon by local government.

I got to do my first drive through at the new Agricultural Inspection Station this past Sunday. Admittedly I wondered whether it would ever open, but I am pleased it has.Alice’s brother, John Wilson, of Lincoln had told us how foolish it was to close down the old Bug Station. John is the former agricultural commissioner for Placer County and he explained that such border inspection stations have been, and will continue to be, the first line of defense against insects and other blight that can affect the crops and agriculture in California. Yes, California is still very much an ag state. So please take the reason for this necessary stop seriously, then roll down your window, and yell out Truckee!

We have openly thanked our local gas stations during the last two major gas hikes for tempering their prices when gas stations in other parts of the country raised their prices excessively.During our most recent gas crisis a few months ago, our stations only raised their prices about 30 cents a gallon for regular, when other areas raised their prices by 50 cents, and more, during the same period of time. During the last jump a few months ago, Truckee prices were within 10 cents of prices in Reno, and (at least for one day) was actually within 3 cents a gallon of the median price for regular at the Foresthill turnoff.Last week, I went to Costco in Reno and paid $2.77 per gallon for regular, which was 52 cents less than the median price for regular in Truckee ($3.29). Then I went to Foresthill last Friday and paid $2.91 a gallon. The next day I heard a news clip that stated the average gas price around the country had dropped 9 cents in the past week. Our prices have not dropped a penny since settling back down to $3.29 a gallon. Hello! Then, again, there is the one station in Truckee that is usually 10 cents higher per gallon than everyone else. There must really be something special in that gas. Neither my calculator nor my brain will ever figure out gasoline pricing here, but I will continue to fill my tank here unless I happen to be going somewhere else.

Glenshire Drive (or Old Highway 40) was the answer to the location we had in mind when we asked about the pipe coming out of the hill that provided cold, fresh, spring water to locals and visitors alike for so many years. Tom Macaulay of Reno, alias The Iceman wrote: The spring that you refer to was probably the one at Polaris, about three miles east of Truckee on Glenshire Drive, formerly Highway 40, before the days of I-80. Polaris (formerly Winstead/Proctors), was the post office for the Tahoe Ice Company, which my grandfather built in 1886. The spring provided water for the house where my father was born in 1896.Margaret Perea remembers whenever her father would come up from Southern California to visit, he would always bring extra jugs, bottles, and jars to fill up with spring water to take back home. Kelly Shane said, In the years before Glenshire, and before I had a drivers license, my Uncle would send me down to fill the Igloo jugs (for the employees of Sha-Neva) with fresh cold water every afternoon.I saw many a car stopped along the road over the years at a pipe sticking out of the side of the hill, said Carla Beebe. I always thought they were kind of crazy, but maybe I am the crazy one for not stopping. Charlie White and Mary De Lisle mentioned locations at the Nevada Stateline on Old Highway 40, and a turnout half way up the Highway 267 grade. Such sources of water were not unusual 50 plus years ago on steep mountain highways. Cars tended to over heat easily and the water was available to add to radiators plus a cool drink for the travelers.Jackie Wells, who works the graveyard shift at the Cedar House Sport Hotel, called in the correct answer at 4:13 a.m. in the morning! Other winners included Keith Mickelson, Karen Ellis, Jean Armstrong (calling from Sattley), Reica Tift, Barbara Northrop and Gerry Blakeley.This week’s question What was the former name of the downtown Truckee street we now call Jibboom Street? Call us at 550-5035 or e-mail us at nnicholls@dicksonrealty.com with your answer.Norm and Alan Nicholls of the Nicholls Real Estate Group, are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Road.

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