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Rage ruined lives

Sierra Sun editorial

Type “road rage” into Google and dozens of hits and Web sites are returned. There are articles about road rage, tips on how to avoid it and light-hearted sites that make fun of it.Unfortunately, what happened Wednesday on one of our local highways was anything but humorous. A road rage “incident” on Highway 89 near Squaw Valley later turned into a confrontation in Tahoe City that lead to the ultimate in ruination – a man’s death.What makes Wednesday’s tragedy even more shocking is that the two men involved were both from Truckee. We think of road rage as something that occurs on the gridlocked highways and interstates of Southern California or the Bay Area, not on roads in the mountains. Or if such an incident is going to flare up on our byways, we might think it would happen during a busy holiday weekend when the area is flooded with tourists who aren’t familiar with the region.No, this happened between two men from Truckee who, like many of us, probably made the decision to live here because of the laid-back, less stressful atmosphere not normally found in heavily suburban and urban areas of our state and country.The events of Wednesday that led to the senseless death of a man for something as minor as a bad driving leads us to a couple of conclusions. First, remain cool in your car. Second, if you’re on the receiving end of someone’s road rage, stay in your vehicle, and don’t respond with an angry gesture or action.Because of what happened on the road on the way to Tahoe City, two Truckee residents’ lives are now ruined forever, and for what?