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Reader Write

Your article regarding the restructuring (layoffs) in the Town of Truckee Building Department did not surprise me (Projected revenue off $1M, town eyes layoffs Sierra Sun Oct. 16). I am a product of being forced to move from the town I loved due to restructuring. While cost-cutting needs to be done, the big businesses are forgetting the loyal, tireless people who have made Truckee what it is today. These good people, for the privilege of living in a town that we, and our children who were raised here, cannot afford are having their hours cut or are being forced into retirement. Of course they will take the cut in hours or the step down to another position with less pay. They do not want, after 18 to 20 years of employment and ages of 58 to 60, to drive and try to find a job elsewhere. Have you tried the job market at age 60? Also in this big picture are the spouses of these people, who will also lose health insurance that will now cost them in excess of $12,000 a year. So these people hang their heads and accept what they need too. How very demeaning. The town’s chief building official recently went to a conference in Reno. The town paid for him to stay there so that he did not have to drive back and forth to his home in Truckee. Yet the town is expecting their selfless and generous employees to leave and make that drive to try for other work. Mr. Lashbrook and Mr. Lavelle, are you giving back part of your $150,000 plus salary to help the Town of Truckee in need? Are you being forced to retire? Are you looking for other work after many years as a town employee? Maybe one should also ask the Director of CDD why he did not manage the funds better. These plain people, the worker bees, are the ones that are being affected and losing their jobs. These great people that are the background of a successful town. Shame on you Truckee for allowing this to happen and for forgetting from where you came.Sharon Hopkins Graeagle (formally of Truckee )

In Thursday’s article about the NTPUD rate increase (North Tahoe PUD rate increases meet opposition, Sierra Sun Oct. 17) there should be clarification about the extent of the proposed increase. You reported only the rates for the first year but what is proposed is additional increases each of the next two years. If the NTPUD board approves what has been proposed, the typical residence using less than 6,000 gallons will be required to pay $65.27 per month for water and $19.06 for sewer collection. Remember that sewer treatment is paid to TTSA and is currently another $23 per month. The actual total monthly water and sewer cost will be $107.33. This is only one of several utilities. Perhaps this is what people need to wake up. Dave McClureTahoe Vista

Reading the guest column (Question this administrations values, Sierra Sun Oct. 17) was like reading the Democrat daily talking points memo for the past five-plus years. The inaccuracies of the writers statements` defy credibility. Rush Limbaugh has done more for all military men, women and their families than the entire Democratic party and its constituents, including the writer, has since the end of World War II.As for the phony soldiers comment, anyone with the ability to Google can and will discover that there have been dozens of incidents of false claims by phony soldiers. Having served in the U.S. Army from 1962 to 1965, I know a phony soldier when I see or hear one. John Kerry et al and anyone who lies about his or her service in the military should be imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth with some of the real bad apples the military has, like the civilian population. As for his other comments about WMDs etc., such foolish comments dont deserve refutation.Gobbledy gook like this is just the sort of thing Id expect from a mind-numbed liberal, one who parrots the, dailykos hate-filled talk doesnt deserve rational discussion. Feel free to say hi when you see me at Safeway someday. Ill be the one wearing my support-the-troops hat with my VFW pin up front. If you want to have a rational discussion of ideas come up with some intelligent thoughts of your own and not the un-American diatribe from et al.Bob Revai Truckee

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