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Readers Wriite

I think it is unbelievable that the Truckee Police only have one lone investigator on the Vacation Property management case, and that little headway has been made as a result. Many of the people who are being negatively impacted by this situation are local ski area employees who are from Brazil and Peru, who are soon to be returning home after working here all winter. Groups of these workers rented houses through Vacation Property Management and are now facing the prospect of returning home without the return of their deposit monies, which run into the thousands of dollars. Perhaps the management of VPM deliberately selected these groups of people to take advantage of, or perhaps not. It appears that it will be a long time until anything is known, as the lone detective is so swamped that little progress has been made. It is time for the Truckee Police to allocate more man power to this case, as many of the people impacted will be returning to their home countries where it will be very difficult for them to pursue the return of their monies. Perhaps they could reallocate some of the manpower they seem to have in abundance to harass bars, restaurants, and their patrons.Jim GregoryTruckee

Paid parking still stinks! My wife and I have only been downtown about 10 or 15 times since the meters have been put in. We use to go about four times a week for breakfast, lunch and shopping. We still get to enjoy downtown for dinner, but cannot relax and enjoy a few drinks because one of us have to drive home or risk getting a ticket or towed for parking over night.It was recently brought to my attention that there will be absolutely no changes or amendments to the parking situation because the complaints from local residents have stopped. Maybe everyone has adjusted? I guess we have too: We now spend our days off at the villages of Squaw or Northstar and eagerly await the expansion of other areas of Truckee. Enjoying historical downtown has now become something like a bitter sweet vacation, where we feel like tourists in our own home town. Derek Armitage Truckee

My sewer line clogged from the house to the street. Truckee Sanitary District (TSD), while helpful to identify the problem, were not willing to snake out the line as its not their responsibility. Two TSD employees ready and able with the time, tools, and expertise refused to do a 10-minute job and instead waited 45 minutes in their truck for a manager to arrive on-site to provide direction. When the manager arrived I chuckled at my predicament: My plumbing didnt work, but I had three TSD plumbers on-site refusing to help fix the problem. If they had other emergencies to attend to, I would understand. If they didnt have the tools, I would understand. If we hadnt identified the problem, I would understand. If they were off the clock, I would understand. But able-bodied TSD workers being told not to work is a gross misuse of tax dollars. Shame on you TSD.Joe BonoTruckee

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