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Readers write

Recent letters from the airplane-flying, don’t-care-about-our-neighbors folks have been directed against the three newly elected members of the Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board. They were elected by a majority of the voters from the Truckee-North Tahoe communities to take the airport in a direction that makes the airport, and the pilots that use it, more accountable to the residents of our communities. Looking at federal tax dollars that come with strings attached before accepting them is what they were tasked to do by the voters. One of the biggest complaints before the last election was that the airport and its board would basically blow off complaints by saying they cannot change or institute rules that would make our airport a good neighbor because of FAA rules. By taking the feds out of the equation, we get local control and can hold pilots accountable for violating local policy that would be created to make the airport a good neighbor. Those fed dollars not taken will not close the airport, but will mean it will become a community airport under community control. Speaking of tax money lost, the airport has a program that gives pilots that fly the good-neighbor rules a discount for fuel. That is a promise that they will take off and follow the Bypass route. But the airport manager admits that once a plane leaves the ground they have no control over it.About 80 percent of pilots don’t fly friendly. Before a certain letter writer and company get their skivvies in a knot, I have a standing offer before the airport board that allows airport people to sit on my deck and count with me. Until then, my numbers are right. So, pilots get discounted fuel, airport income, have no accountability for violations, and can just continue to get discounts on fuel for their private aircraft. Wish I got discounted fuel for my truck for private use for promising to be a good driver. Bryan E. DeVoeTruckeeParking rules rule out employeesAs a long-time resident of Truckee, I’m still reeling from the Sept. 7 Sierra Sun article, “Town council sets parking rates for Commercial Row.” How discouraging that council members don’t have empathy or respect for the hard-working employees of downtown.Unfortunately the town’s parking committee didn’t survey or assess the wages of the downtown workforce. We’re the backbone of upscale retail shops, eateries, souvenir, and various sundries stores. We represent Truckee to tourists, school children, the elderly and everyday people who live and work here. We’re the familiar faces people count on seeing on every visit to Commercial Row. We doubt you know who we are.We’re the single parents, the after-school high school students, the college students working towards a goal, the retired, the single person working two jobs, the residents of Truckee who are just making ends meet and are thankful for jobs we have. We’re the residents who hope each year we won’t be forced to move from Truckee due to the high cost of living, expensive housing and low wages. We’re also high school students who work weekends to afford gas for our car, parents who want a better life for our children by working two jobs, people who care and respect our employers every season of the year by our dedication to serving the public. We wash dishes, bus tables, cook meals, clean bathrooms, serve drinks, help you choose the perfect outfit or gift, and take pride in being there for you, your family, children, guests and all who visit Truckee.Now that you know a little about us, at what cost are you willing to go for the almighty dollar? The majority of downtown employees can’t afford paid parking. The Sierra Sun article stated, “Employee parking permits will be offered to employers for $40 a month, $210 for six months or $360 for a year.” If our employers don’t purchase the employee parking permits, it will cost $10 a day for us to continue our employment. So if this paid parking for employees is required, my guess is we employees will have to seek other employment options where we can park without cost to stay residents of this town. Has the Truckee Town Council truly forgotten about us? Marissa Castillo TruckeeKnowing noise abatement routesI recently received my regular updates to an airway manual necessary for instrument flight procedures for the Western U.S. region. I noticed an extra page for the Truckee-Tahoe Airport detailing the preferred noise abatement procedures. Very few airports have their noise abatement procedures published in this widely distributed manual; the staff of the Truckee-Tahoe airport is to be congratulated for managing to include its procedure in the airway manual. This complements the long term publicity of the procedure widely distributed at the airport. Although I’m aware of noise abatement procedures at many other airports, I have seen few that are as proactive at educating the pilot community as is the Truckee-Tahoe Airport.Jim WholeyTruckee

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