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Readers write

Downtown’s parking conundrum is now solved with pay-to-park machines everywhere, hideous signs, and a decidedly unfriendly impression.Local grumbling of late about the drastic changes in our community, plus the cavalier picking of our pockets for less value all the time (i.e. Railroad Days ’05) has led to talk of switching where locals do business to other areas in town.We now have a downtown filled with ugly, obtrusive signs for a parking program which ostensibly will create funds for “downtown improvements.” What a crock.So is there a boycott underway of downtown businesses related to the pay to park insult? Nah, but hello Zano’s and west Truckee for many of us. An no lectures, please, about citizen input on the process. This was a done deal from the beginning. The so-called process does not change outcomes so many citizens have given up.Anderson AustinTruckee Pay to look aroundI would just like to say how sad I am at the news of the pay parking in Truckee. I have lived here over 35 years and I can tell you now that I will no longer shop at any stores in Truckee because of this. I can’t believe the direction Truckee has taken over the past years. It breaks my heart. Building houses in every nook and cranny, airplanes that are so loud I can’t enjoy my backyard, and now, “Come shop in Truckee but only stay a couple of hours and pay just to look around.” I liked it better when we were a place to get fuel before you got on the freeway. It’s just so sad.Kelly Hechinger Truckee Carrying out their mandateDid I really read it right in the “My Turn” column of Oct. 5? Lawsuits and recall elections ? Our newly elected airport board members, elected by a landslide, are doing what they said they would do. They are testing long-held assumptions and examining the effects on the entire community rather than simply pandering to special interest groups. They are investigating the implications of accepting Federal Aviation Administration money and related grant assurances, that has been called “free” by some aviators. The airport pavements have never been in better condition and the current board is looking at a long-term maintenance program to ensure a viable airport that minimizes future costs. They are looking at ways to reduce the impact of aviation activities on the community by forming a team, ACAT, of community representatives comprising both aviators and non-aviators. They are enabling ACAT by reserving funds for solutions that will be generated by this team. They have conducted a district-wide survey to gauge the effectiveness of the airport. The results of this survey were presented at the Oct. 18 board meeting.So far it appears that the new members on the board are carrying out the mandate the community imposed on them from last year’s landslide election. Recall elections and lawsuits? I, for one, would be happy if all of our elected officials acted so expeditiously on their campaign promises.Andrew Terry TruckeeNo on Proposition 77Excuse me, isn’t Ted Costa the one who brought us the recall and Governor Schwarznegger? Now after spending so much money on recall we find out that the new governor is just as bad as the old one. He is just more interested in collecting campaign contributions than sweeping Sacramento as he promised during the recall elections. And pay-for-play is as prevalent as ever. All he has done is to call the oppositions girly-men and going after the teachers, the firefighters, the police and all the hard working men and women who are outside of his circle of rich friends. We should vote “no” on this Proposition 77 and other propositions on the ballot for this special election to tell Costa and his buddies that we have elected a California body of representatives who should work together and resolve all the problems. And if he wants to change things in California he better run for office and take his chances. To have an election every time Costa is unhappy with something in California is ludicrous and quite costly. So far Costa hasn’t done anything for a better California. So why should we believe he has our interest at heart?With all due respect to Jim Porter, (“Re-draw the lines with a ‘yes’ on Proposition 77” Law Review Oct. 12 Sierra Sun) I just don’t understand why three old judges must decide the congressional districts? What was wrong with the Democrats’ proposal in the Assembly to have seven independent Californians from all walks of life to draw the lines? What is so special about three old retired judges? The more independent people are involved in this process the fairer the process will be. I suppose for our friend Jim Porter, a lawyer, judges seem more impartial than average every day working Californians? I just don’t trust Ted Costa and anything that he masterminds and hope that most Californians to think the same. Parvin DarabiTruckee

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