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Readers write

In the Oct. 12 issue of the Sierra Sun I read about the continued growth that is changing the Town of Truckee and its environment. A writer explained in a letter to the editor (“Stop population growth to stop building”) that it is not opportunistic developers who are causing these changes but rather the increasing population of the State of California – due primarily to mass immigration.So, in theory, if we had a more effective Border Patrol, Truckee would be saved from those oversized, trophy-home, golf-course-community developments for the financially privileged that are in such demand in these beautiful mountains. I don’t know about that. It’s hard to imagine that some guy crawling across the desert on his belly has got a million dollars in his pocket, a set of golf clubs and is on his way here to chop down a tree.I really think there is something else going on around here – $$$$? Neil PanklerTruckeeReconsider parking for employeesI am writing to express my concern about parking meters downtown. In regards to the employees of downtown, I must say what a slap on the face [the Town Council] have brought upon us. Do you, Mayor Threshie, Stephanie Olivieri, Downtown Merchants Association president, Dan Wilkins, Public Works director, Tony Lashbrook, city manager, and town council members truly believe that this is a well thought out decision to require that employees pay to park to work downtown?Most employees downtown make barely enough money to be able to live in this town. With the direct correlation employees have on tourists enjoyment and spending habits in this amazing place, this is an interesting way to express your thanks towards us.If the time can be taken to establish the difference between employees and visitors, surely the time can be taken to at least offer employees free parking and require visitors to pay. Is the Town of Truckee really that hard up for cash? Give me a break.As a nightime employee, I urge others who work at restaurants, feed the meter the dollar and a half or so an afternoon you’d pay for your yearly parking pass and occupy the spaces on Commercial Row. Not only is it a much safer place to park for both you and your car, but hopefully it will help to make some educated changes to nightime employee parking. $1.50/dayx4 days a week x 52 weeks a year = $332. This way is cheaper than buying a yearly pass ($360), quite a bit safer, and a much shorter walk.Leave your “historic brown” meters to the people that help make this town survive, the visitors.Please reconsider your thoughts on this. Chris “Howdy” FowlerTruckeeGood neighbor pilotsThe article on the Lake Tahoe Ninety-Nines by Alana Lungren and photos by Court Leve were exceptional and captured the spirit of the women of the club. I would like to extend an invitation to any woman interested in learning to fly or who already has her pilot’s license to join our local chapter. We love to fly; we love to help others reach their goal by fundraising and scholarships. We also love our community and airport. This past summer we volunteered our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to pass out preferred abatement procedures to visiting pilots. A pilot departing or landing Truckee must take into consideration the direction and strength of the winds, is cargo and plane weight, fuel loading, traffic in the pattern, sun direction, length of runway and other considerations. We want to be good neighbors to those that bought homes within the airport traffic pattern, so we volunteered our weekends to share the information with visiting pilots. Those who are irritated over plane noise must also realize that safety is always the number one objective in a pilot’s mind when landing or departing. The Lake Tahoe Chapter Ninety-Nines are doing our part to be good neighbors and are trying to make our community harmonious.Dr. Beverly Jo YukeChapter ChairmanLake Tahoe

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