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Readers write

It seems that every time the writer of the My Turn article (“America had enough of Jimmy Carter, now if he would just go away” Sierra Sun Oct. 19) gets published, someone follows up to correct his “facts.” Certainly the Carter administration is not one of the great ones, however, President Carter has done more good for more people (in many ways) than any other ex-President in the modern era. What motivates a person to bash him for his good works?On another more important issue: Downtown Parking. While I can somewhat understand paid parking along Commercial Row, to have all the side and back streets in the area also pay to park, and to make downtown employees pay an extra $360 or so a year is ludicrous and should be re-evaluated by the powers that be. Paid parking in front of the Community Center? It doesn’t make sense. Change it now.John PrattTruckeeYes on Proposition 75We are former teachers with 46 years of public school teaching between us. For 28 years we owned a home in Truckee. We urge a Yes vote on Prop. 75. The bureaucrats at the decision-making level of California Teacher’s Association (CTA) love denying teachers the right to choose how their individual dues are spent. These CTA czars crave power and are so afraid of losing their influence they have levied a hefty dues increase for this election and taken out a huge multi-million dollar loan to order to blitz us with media ads, hoping to defeat Prop. 75.If each teacher were allowed to decide how dues were spent, legislators would be backed that are truly kid-friendly. Please join us in taking jurisdiction away from these power-wielding demigods, and returning it to the hard-working classroom teacher. Vote yes on Proposition 75.Louise DeDeraRoger DeDeraMenlo Park, Calif.Design flawsAfter years of community deliberation and discussion of the importance of maintaining the historic character of downtown Truckee, it seems a shame that the garish mechanical monolith-like boxes were allowed to be installed prominently on our sidewalks, especially in such imposing numbers.Not to mention the threatening red and white signs placed every few feet demanding money from those who dare stop in Truckee. Certainly the appearance of the army of new parking meters does not contribute to the integrity of a welcoming old town atmosphere.With our own Historic Society, the town’s Historic Preservation Advisory Committee and thorough architectural design guidelines for downtown Truckee with history in mind, couldn’t a parking permit dispenser have been designed with a bit of consideration for the historic character of downtown Truckee? I wonder who or what the parking meters represent for our future.Susan Diane Truckee

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